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Screening : The Resistance of Palestinian Women in Hebron

vendredi 29 mars 2019 / 
19h Pianofabriek 35, rue du Fort 1060 Bruxelles

The European Network of Migrant Women (ENoMW), Το Μωβ (The Purple in Greek) and FemArtAct are pleased to invite you to the screening of Part I of the documentary series "Peace vs Piece", by Alexia Tsouni.

We will start the event with the screening of The Resistance of Palestinian Women in Hebron, followed by a debate with Alexia Tsouni herself on the daily resistance of Palestinian women, and film director Saddie Choua whom will present the challenges, advantages and perils of feminist film making.

Born in 1979 in Agrinio (Greece), Alexia Tsouni moved to Athens in 1996 to study at the National Technical University. Since then she has been living in Athens, often traveling abroad.
She holds a degree in Civil Engineering and a Masters degree Water Resources Management, working as a freelancer.
She began to actively engage, ever since she was a student, in initiatives, movements and human rights organizations especially for feminism, peace, conscientious objection and the rights of refugees and migrants.

In 2018, on the occasion of the tragic 70th anniversary of Nakba (the Great Catastrophe for the Palestinians in 1948), she traveled to Palestine and Israel, met women struggling against the Israeli occupation, and participated in relevant actions as an activist of the feminist collective The Purple, of which she is a founding member. She is also member of the editorial board. Within this framework, with self-financing, and in collaboration with photographer Georgios Giannopoulos, the “Peace vs Piece” trilogy was created.

Often starting from ‘documentary’ material, visual or textual, Saddie Choua mixes fiction, literature, music, theater into complex spatial events.
Saddie wants to break with the language of contemporary media, as well as with the fasciniation for exotism which is often evoked as a pseudo-reality.

Her challenge is not only to present alternative stories but to create situations in which the spectator discovers the mechanisms at play in films and entertainment.

Join us in Pianofabriek from 7PM for two hours of Palestinian feminist resistance !

"Peace vs Piece" (Part I)| Σκην.
Type : Documentary
Year : 2019
Duration : 57 min
Language : English
Direction/Research : Alexia Tsouni
Photography/Editing : Georgios Giannopoulos
Production : To Mov & FemArtAct
Country : Greece

The first part of the “Peace vs Piece” trilogy, The Resistance of Palestinian Women in Hebron, is filmed in Hebron and presents the harsh daily life of Palestinians in this fragmented historic city, with its buffer zone in the heart of the city and the illegal Israeli settlements that are constantly expanding under the protection of the Israeli occupation army.
The film presents the struggle of Palestinian women, which have to deal with Israeli occupation and settlers, as well as the daily problems arising out of patriarchal systems of oppression. It also presents the resistance of the women in Hebron through the work of organisations such as Youth Against Settlements and ADWAR.

Doors Opens at 18.30.
Free Entrance.

Please contact the following for more information :
Adriana S.Thiago : adriana@migrantwomennetwork.org
Penny Papaspyropoulou : pennypapaspyropoulou@gmail.com

source : facebook

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